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Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator X Free Download

free download

The Best Characteristics of a Flight Simulator Game

Ever wonder what it feels like to fly the coolest aircraft? You don’t need to be a professional pilot because Flight Simulator X is one of the best Flight Simulator games that would give you the hype of being an aviator while boosting your tactical skills.

Flight Simulator X is developed by Aces Studio and Microsoft Game Studios. Flight Simulator X is commendable for its detailed and realistic graphics for different scenarios and the most updated and classic aircraft designs. Flight Simulator X is for all ages and types of players, as it offers a modern gaming experience for aspiring pilots and adventurous gamers who would like to encounter a more realistic flight game.

A realistic and enjoyable flight navigation game

Controlling the game is tougher than it looks like, since it also requires fast and great maneuver, as well as effective technical skills to control your aircraft device throughout the game. Flight Simulator X is a mission-based game that is set to different cities all over the world e.g., the Amazons while accomplishing challenging goals e.g., rescuing a co-pilot, landing to a moving truck and more. Flight Simulator X is said to be more compelling because of the realistic visual and sound effects compared to X-Plane 9 and Flightgear. Most gamers are also after the free experience of flying and controlling the aircrafts models that they like, so as the general experience of the flight while being immersed to the city's atmosphere and aerial navigation.

Flight Simulator X is an intensive but fun experience designed for all the aspiring aviators and curious gamers out there. Flight Simulator X gives you the basic and the most natural flight experience without the hassles. You just need to use your senses and imagination, as the Flight Simulator X can take you to different locations and let you control the most awesome aircraft for free. Download Flight Simulator X now and experience the difference right in front of your Windows computer.

Flight Simulator X is indeed a practical virtual flight game that is worth to download.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation

  • DirectX 9 should be previously installed

Version Limitations

  • Demo version only includes few missions and aircrafts


  • Intensive visual graphics, design and sound effects
  • Realistic flight emulator scenes and maneuvers
  • Varieties of aircrafts are available to use
  • Different characters to choose from


  • Poor and rough frame rate
  • Requires bigger RAM Memory and long installation process

free download


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